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About us
Our company offers innovative revolutionary solutions for creating digital twins of buildings. Our offers include a full range of services for transferring existing or new buildings into a digital environment, configuring the digital environments to match design documentation, mounts and configuring sensors, and providing long-term support for digital twin projects. All control and monitoring are carried out in the innovative MACON hardware and software system.
What is a building
digital twin?
A building digital twin is a virtual model of a building created using digital technologies and data that reflect the real building and its characteristics in real-time.

A building digital twin can contain information about every element of the building, including its structure, materials, equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as other parameters and characteristics. This information can be used for analyzing building performance, optimizing energy consumption, managing building maintenance and repairs, and making decisions to improve building functionality and efficiency.

Building digital twins are used in various fields, including design, construction, building management, and operation. They can help increase efficiency and reduce costs in building construction and operation, as well as improve the quality of life and comfort of building use.
What is the MACON3D?
MACON3D is an innovative digital environment for managing and monitoring the system of digital building twins. The digital environment provides full-functionality for managing and monitoring buildings.
One of the advantages of the digital environment is the ability to monitor and manage the building in real-time. MACON3D allows obtaining information about the building's condition, the operation of its systems and equipment, as well as energy and resource consumption.
The system provides WEB access, allowing remote monitoring and management of the building using any device. Technical personnel can promptly respond to problems and make necessary changes to the building management system's configuration.
One of the key advantages of the MACON3D system is the use of building project documentation. This allows creating digital twins of buildings with high precision and reflecting all changes made in real-time. Such a digital twin management and monitoring system allows improving performance and optimizing building operational costs.
The system uses an intelligent sensor monitoring system that allows forecasting the building's energy and resource consumption. This allows managing the building more efficiently, reducing operating costs and increasing user comfort.
Digital twins allow for predictive maintenance, detecting potential issues before they become major problems and ensuring that the building's equipment operates at maximum efficiency. You gain the ability to manage your building with maximum efficiency and accuracy. You can monitor and control building systems such as air conditioning system, lighting system, security system, etc. You can also receive emergency notifications and perform remote control.
Improved Building Management
Energy optimization
With smart energy optimization, building operators can easily optimize energy consumption, identifying areas of inefficiency and implementing solutions to reduce consumption.
enhanced Security
and safety
Digital twins can help you monitor building security and safety systems, detect anomalies and potential threats, and respond quickly in case of an emergency.
Cost savings
By reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, digital twins offer significant cost savings for building owners and operators.
Digital twins provide a real-time representation of the building's operations, enabling precise monitoring and control of energy consumption.
Creating Building Digital Twins
We offer 3D modeling of your building based on documentation and/or 3D scanning. The developed model represents an accurate replica of the building, complete with engineering systems and communications. Further use of the digital twin is carried out through the MACON3D visual monitoring environment.
AR Building Maintenance
We provide a convenient tool for conducting building maintenance work. Our AR system showcases the engineering systems of the building in a graphical format through augmented reality. The system also includes design specifications for engineering systems.
IoT Systems
Our company offers innovative solutions based on IoT technologies for monitoring and managing buildings. We provide comprehensive solutions for creating "smart" buildings that enable energy consumption optimization, improved safety and comfort for people. Our solutions are turnkey, including installation, configuration, and connection to monitoring systems.
Urban Planning
and FDI
We perform visualizations and offer convenient tools for urban planning and FDI. Showcase buildings as a model in your office, walk through the building project in augmented reality, or visit the METAVERSE with an already constructed building! Enjoy full construction control – remove walls with a single touch, choose furniture or wall colors, change the time of day and sun position!
Situational Modeling
Our solution for situational modeling of processes in augmented reality allows for flexible modeling of regular and emergency situations in buildings. Our system enables visualization and analysis of the situation, providing the ability to make effective decisions to prevent potential problems. Possible use cases include emergency management, building security, optimization of technical service work, and more.
Technician director
A highly skilled Technical Director with over 20 years of experience, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in digitalization, AR, VR, XR, construction, and project management. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed numerous projects, leveraging creativity, flexibility, and a strong technical background to deliver outstanding results. His expertise in cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions enables us to drive progress and bring value to every project of our company.
Development director
Viacheslav Volkov is our Development Director with over 15 years of experience in digital building twins, construction, and project management. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in these fields and has successfully led a wide range of projects across Europe. Viacheslav is known for his creative problem-solving skills, flexibility, and ability to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. His experience and skills enable our company to excel in all aspects of project management, from conceptualization and planning to execution and maintenance.
Skilled Designer with over 10 years of experience, Alex brings extensive knowledge and expertise in 3D development, AR, VR, and XR technologies. He has successfully contributed to numerous global projects, leveraging creativity and a keen eye for design to bring impactful solutions to life.
3D modeller
Highly skilled 3D Modeller with over 5 years of experience, Asgat brings extensive knowledge and expertise in 3D modelling, including low-poly modelling. Has experience and expertise in 2D graphic design.
Project stages
Step one
Terms of reference
We will assist you in creating the terms of reference for developing a digital twin. We will help the client understand the end result.We will help you draw up the terms of reference for creating a digital twin. We will help the customer to understand the image of the result.
Step two
Developing the digital twin
We develop a digital twin of the building structure and engineering networks, including equipment.
Step three
Developing the BMS project
We will develop a Building Management System project and integrate sensors into the overall analytics and reporting system.
Step four
Digital twin support
We provide support for building management systems through our own application.
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